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Episode 79: Everything you wanted to know about Equalization * But were afraid to ask

University of Alberta political scientist Dr. Jared Wesley joins Dave Cournoyer on the Daveberta Podcast for a deep dive into Alberta’s October 18 Equalization Referendum, why it is being held, what Premier Jason Kenney hopes to accomplish (and why he’s been absent on the campaign trail), and what the ramifications of the vote could be for Alberta and Canada.

We also answer some great listener questions about Equalization and dive into the history of Alberta’s low-key Senate Nominee Elections and more.

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3 replies on “Episode 79: Everything you wanted to know about Equalization * But were afraid to ask”

Many Albertans don’t know a thing about how the equalization payment system is functioning.They do not know how it works.The pretend conservative, Ralph Klein, who basically sabotaged the great things Peter Lougheed did, led Albertans to foolishly believe that Alberta gave a whole bunch of money to Ottawa, or to the eastern provinces, such as Quebec. That didn’t happen.The pretend conservatives and Reformers in the UCP want Albertans to believe the same lies that their hero Ralph Klein did.The pretend conservatives and Reformers in Alberta squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on the most priciest shenanigans, leaving Alberta with practically nothing. What good was this?

The truth is finally told.
I lived in Alberta throughout the Klein shenanigans years. Many Albertans still believe the lies. Sad!

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