Alberta Election 2023

Alberta’s next provincial general election is on May 29, 2023. The deadline for candidates to get their names on the ballot was May 11 (updated on May 14, 2023):

Total Nominated candidates

  • United Conservative Party (UCP): 87/87
  • Alberta NDP (NDP): 87/87
  • Green Party (Green): 41/87
  • Solidarity Movement of Alberta (SMA): 38/87
  • Alberta Party (AP): 19/87
  • Wildrose Loyalty Coalition (WLC): 16/87
  • Liberal Party (Lib): 15/87
  • Independence Party (IPA): 14/87
  • Advantage Party (APA): 4/87
  • Communist Party (Comm): 3/87
  • Wildrose Independence Party (WIP): 2/87
  • Buffalo Party (Buffalo): 1/87
  • Pro-Life Political Association (Pro-Life): 1/87
  • Reform Party (Ref): 1/87

Candidates nominated for 2023 election





Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul

Brooks-Medicine Hat









  • Com: Jonathan Troutman
  • Green: Jayden Baldonado
  • NDP: Rosman Valencia
  • SMA: Garry Dirk
  • UCP: Peter Singh



  • AP: Kerry Cundal
  • Lib: Leila Keith
  • NDP: Samir Kayande
  • SMA: Artur Pawlowski
  • UCP: Chris Davis


Calgary-Fish Creek


  • Ind: Keenan DeMontigny
  • NDP: Court Ellingson
  • SMA: Kami Dass
  • UCP: Jason Luan





Calgary-Mountain View


Calgary-North East

Calgary-North West



Calgary-South East





  • Ind: Angela Tabak
  • IPA: Terry Wolsey
  • NDP: Colleen Quintal
  • SMA: Par Wantenaar
  • UCP: Joseph Schow

Central Peace-Notley


Cypress-Medicine Hat

  • IPA: Cody Ray Both
  • NDP: Cathy Hogg
  • UCP: Justin Wright
  • WLC: Matthew Orr

Drayton Valley-Devon

  • APA: Dale Withers
  • NDP: Harry Singh
  • SMA: Gail Tooey
  • UCP: Andrew Boitchenko
  • WLC: Jon Hokanson



Edmonton-Castle Downs

Edmonton-City Centre




Edmonton-Gold Bar




  • Green: Terrence Syvensky
  • Ind: Andrew Lineker
  • NDP: Lorne Dach
  • UCP: Daniel Heikkinen


Edmonton-Mill Woods

Edmonton-North West

  • Green: Tyler Beaulac
  • NDP: David Eggen
  • UCP: Ali Haymour


  • Green: Robin George
  • Lib: Eric Champagne
  • NDP: Lori Sigurdson
  • UCP: Terence Vankka


  • Green: Jordan Wilkie
  • NDP: Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse
  • UCP: Laine Larson


Edmonton-South West

  • Green: Jeff Cullihall
  • NDP: Nathan Ip
  • UCP: Kaycee Madu


  • Buffalo: Andrew Jacobson
  • Green: Robert Gooding-Townsend
  • NDP: Rachel Notley
  • UCP: Emad El-Zein
  • WLC: Robert Nielsen

Edmonton-West Henday


  • Green: Cheri Hawley
  • Lib: Donna Wilson
  • NDPRakhi Pancholi
  • UCP: Raj Sherman

Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche

  • Ind: Kevin Johnston
  • NDP: Calan Hobbs
  • UCP: Brian Jean

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo

  • AP: Brad Friesen
  • Ind: Funke Banjoko
  • Ind: Zulkifl Mujahid
  • NDP: Tanika Chaisson
  • UCP: Tany Yao

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

  • APA: Kelly Zeleny
  • Ind: Kathy Flett
  • NDP: Taneen Rudyk
  • SMA: Margaret MacKay
  • UCP: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

Grande Prairie

  • AP: Preston Mildenberger
  • Green: Shane Diecerich
  • IPA: David Braun
  • NDP: Kevin McLean
  • UCP: Nolan Dyck

Grande Prairie-Wapiti

  • IPA: Brooklyn Biegel
  • NDP: Dustin Archibald
  • UCP: Ron Wiebe


  • NDP: Jessica Hallam
  • UCP: R.J. Sigurdson
  • WIP: Mike Lorusso

Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

  • IPA: David Reid
  • NDP: Jason Heistad
  • Ref: Randy Thorsteinson
  • SMA: Brandon Pringle
  • UCP: Devin Dreeshen
  • WIP: Jeevan Mangat

Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland

  • AP: Janet Jabush
  • APA: Marilyn Burns
  • Green: Vanessa Diehl
  • NDP: Oneil Carlier
  • UCP: Shane Getson


  • AP: Myles Chykerda
  • Green: Taylor Lowery
  • NDP: Dave Dale
  • SMA: Nathan Leslie
  • UCP: Jennifer Johnson
  • WLC: Daniel Jefferies


  • Ind: Kirk Cayer
  • IPA: Sharon MacLise
  • NDP: Cam Heenan
  • SMA: Bill Kaufmann
  • UCP: Brandon Lunty

Lesser Slave Lake



  • AP: Braham Luddu
  • Lib: Patricia Chizek
  • NDP: Shannon Phillips
  • UCP: Cheryl Seaborn


  • AP: Kevin Todd
  • Ind: Erik Abildgaard
  • IPA: Corrie Toone
  • Lib: Dylin Hauser
  • NDP: Kevin Van Tighem
  • UCP: Chelsae Petrovic


  • Green: Justin Fuss
  • Ind: Marie Rittenhouse
  • NDP: Katherine Swampy
  • SMA: Suzanne Jubb
  • UCP: Rick Wilson

Morinville-St. Albert

  • AP: Wayne Rufiange
  • Green: Kurt Klingbeil
  • NDPKaren Shaw
  • UCP: Dale Nally

Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

  • IPA: Katherine Kowalchuk
  • NDP: Cheryl Hunter Loewen
  • SMA: Judy Bridges
  • UCP: Nathan Cooper
  • WLC: Camerson Tatlock

Peace River

  • Ind: Conrad Nunweiler
  • IPA: Sharon Noullett
  • NDP: Liana Paiva
  • UCP: Dan Williams

Red Deer-North

  • Green: Heather Morigeau
  • IPA: Vicky Bayford
  • NDP: Jaelene Tweedle
  • SMA: Kallie Dyck
  • UCP: Adriana LaGrange

Red Deer-South

Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre

  • APA: Carol Nordlund-Kinsey
  • Ind: Tim Hoven
  • Ind: Fred Schwieger
  • NDP: Vance Buchwald
  • UCP: Jason Nixon
  • WLC: Tami Tatlock

Sherwood Park

  • AP: Sue Timanson
  • Lib: Jacob Stacey
  • NDP: Kyle Kasawski
  • UCP: Jordan Walker

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain

St. Albert

  • Green: Cameron Jefferies
  • NDP: Marie Renaud
  • UCP: Angela Wood

Strathcona-Sherwood Park


  • Green: Joel Hunt
  • IPA: Frank Kast
  • NDP: Jazminn Hintz
  • SMA: Brent Ginther
  • UCP: Grant Hunter
  • WLC: Paul Hinman


  • AP: Darrell Dunn
  • Green: Tigra-Lee Campbell
  • Ind: Matthew Powell
  • NDP: Dawn Flaata
  • UCP: Garth Rowswell
  • WLC: Danny Hozack

West Yellowhead

120 replies on “Alberta Election 2023”

Sometime after the next UCP Leadership election. Kenney’s successor probably won’t call it until/unless the UCP poll numbers improve, could take until the the mandated date still, maybe earlier.

We need an indication of which candidates do not support women’s reproductive rights or more specifically, those that are pro-abortion.

It’s going to be a walk over for the UCP. Look at all the damage they’ve done,cuts to jobs deindexing to Aish and the list goes on

Haha the Libs lost their only young bright hope. Zak just that he is seeking the Green Party nomination for city centre. Hate to say it but if they can’t keep young people there (fill in the blank)

Are we truly the forgotten corner of Alberta? I don’t see Medicine Hat on your list? So for Brooks – Medicine Hat the NDP candidate is Gwendolyn Dirk – and she’s amazing 🙂

Please remove “zak”. He is not a liberal but a traitor that’s no different than Danielle Smith floor crossing. I hope he loses!

I was considering moving back to Alberta in May; now I’ll be waiting.

There is no way I can, with any conscience, be in the same province as “boobs on the bus”, Danielle “Taylor-Greene” Smith. She’s the utter epitome of lunacy.

An apology a day.
1 – “sovereignty watered down”
2 – “unvaccinated most oppressed group”
3 – “Ukrainians actually good, Russians bad” (realizes that Canada has the largest diaspora of Ukrainians in the world)
4 – “oops about those two links to that anti-Semitic website”

20 October actually was the first day she DIDN’T have to apologize for something.

Two candidates vying for the NDP Nomination in West Yellowhead: Fred Kreiner from Jasper and Lavone Olson from Brule. Decision day is December 8.

Landen Tischer is confirmed the candidate for Athabasca-Barrhead-Westlock’s NDP. Confirmed yesterday, 2/25/23

There are 4 confirmed contestants for the Grande Prairie UCP nomination. The one missing from the list above is current GP City Councillor, Gladys Blackmore.

Zulkifl Mujahid’s Facebook page seems to indicate that he will likely be running as an independent now after getting disqualified by the UCP.

How dare the UCP try to influence the up coming provincial election with tax payers money by announcing over 300 million for a new Calgary arena now with 6 days left before the election is called. Danielle Smith knows they will not win a single seat in Edmonton and they are trailing in Calgary so she will do anything to win Calgary seats and they are losing ground in many rural constituencies. So there is no path to victory on May 29th for the UCP.

Are the signs recyclable or biodegradable?
I love the NDP party, however I would not put up a sign that is not eco-friendly.

Hey Dave, just some more nominations that I found:

1. Wildrose Loyalty Coalition:
*Jon Hokanson – Drayton Valley-Devon

2. The Independence Party of Alberta:
*David Braun – Grande Prairie
*Vicky Bayford – Red Deer-North
*Frank Kast is the new nominated candidate in Taber-Warner

3. Green Party:
I believe they actually have 36 candidates if I counted them all correctly on your page.

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