Daveberta Podcast

The award-winning Daveberta Podcast is hosted by Dave Cournoyer and produced by Adam Rozenhart.

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Listen to the latest episodes:

Ask Me Anything about Alberta Politics episode

Episode 85: Naheed Nenshi on Calgary and Alberta’s 2023 election

Episode 84: The Daveberta Podcast is back! Now on the Daveberta Substack.

Episode 83: Take care, stay safe, be kind, and see you next time. (with guest Barry Morishita)

Episode 82: The Best of Alberta Politics with Adrienne King and Matt Solberg

Episode 81: Taking ideas and turning them into action. An interview with City Councillor Michael Janz.

Episode 80: New Kids on the Political Block (with guests Harnoor Kochar and Rajah Maggay)

Episode 79: Everything you wanted to know about Equalization * But were afraid to ask (with guest Dr. Jared Wesley)

Episode 78: Orange and Red in a Sea of Blue (with guest Brad Lafortune)

Episode 77: Back from the Best Summer Ever

Episode 76: Radical Alberta politics and propaganda in the 1930s (with guest Andrea Hasenbank)

Episode 75: Amarjeet Sohi is running for Mayor of Edmonton (with guest Amarjeet Sohi)

Episode 74: UCP Mutiny – Barnes and Loewen Edition (with guests Dani Paradis and Chris Henderson)

Episode 73: Alberta politics is never boring

Episode 72: The COVID 18 and the Curriculum Catastrophe

Episode 71: Peace, Order and Good Carbon Taxes (with guest Dr. Andrew Leach)

Episode 70: Who was the most unpopular Premier in Alberta history?

Episode 69: Biting the hand that isn’t feeding you (with guests Dani Paradis and Chris Henderson)

Episode 68: The 1976 Coal Policy and stopping open-pit mining in Alberta’s Rockies (with guest Kevin Van Tighem)

Episode 67: Senator Paula Simons and Alberta Unbound (with guest Senator Paula Simons)

Episode 66: Aloha! Making sense of Alberta politics in 2021 (with guest Dr. Jared Wesley)

Episode 65: The Best of Alberta Politics 2020 (with guests Jessica Littlewood and Matt Solberg)

Episode 64: Pandemic, Partisanship, and Post-Secondary Education in Alberta (with guest Dr. Melanee Thomas)

Episode 63: Defending Alberta Parks and the COVID emergency (with guest Annalise Klingbeil)

Episode 62: Maybe Keystone XL wasn’t a very good investment after all

Episode 61: Don Iveson on being a Mayor during COVID and his plan to end homelessness (with guest Mayor Don Iveson)

Episode 60: BC Election 101 for Albertans with PolitiCoast (with guests Ian Bushfield and Scott de Lange Boom from the Politicoast Podcast)