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Episode 31: Game on. Week 1 of Alberta’s 2019 Election.

Alberta’s provincial election has been called and Albertans will be going to the polls on April 16. For the duration of the campaign, we’re going to be recording a new episode of the Daveberta Podcast each week.

In this episode we jump right into the fray, looking at the New Democratic Party‘s 10-minute documentary style video of Jason Kenney’s time in San Francisco and his history of anti-LGBTQ advocacy, the United Conservative Party‘s plan to fight foreign oil opponents, and the Alberta Party‘s pro-fluoride stance in Calgary.

We also spend some time focusing on a few races we are watching this week in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville, Calgary-ElbowEdmonton-McClung, Red Deer-North and Red Deer-South, and Calgary-Mountain View.

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And a huge thanks to our excellent guest producer, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, who kept us on track and made this episode sound so great.

Thank you for listening!

Note: During this episode we discussed Kenney’s voting record his time in Ottawa. Kenney voted twice against bills supporting Trans Rights and missed a third vote because he was not in the House of Commons at the time.

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One reply on “Episode 31: Game on. Week 1 of Alberta’s 2019 Election.”

Just listened to Episode 31. Ryan – you’re falling into the ND trap. They don’t want to run on their record but they do want to turn the election into a beauty contest between Rachel Notley and Jason Kenney.

The jist of which is Who do you trust? Well let me see, Ms. Notley spent $3 Billion on a social license that has zero value. I wouldn’t trust her with my lunch money. Then she turns around and says her campaign promises won’t break the bank. If it was her money she wouldn’t say that.

Or who do you like? I admit no one wants a hug from Kenney but at least he won’t be picking your pocket at when he’s doing it. Ryan, next time you pay your heating bill check the amount spent on the actual cost of natural gas and compare that to the actual cost of the carbon tax. Last time I did this I was paying a 92% tax on what for Alberta is a necessity of life. Rachel and the NDs are fighting for the poor? Actually it’s the poor who are most impacted by “Nice Rachel”. Rachel is not nice.

How about a podcast on the success and failure of ND legislation from 2015 to today?

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