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“Alberta Premier Danielle Smith?” Get used to it.

Chris Brown and I discuss the last month in the United Conservative Party leadership race, Danielle Smith’s unexpected rise to the top, and how a Smith led UCP will do against Notley’s NDP in 2023 (or sooner) on the latest episode of the Cross Border Interviews Podcast.

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4 replies on ““Alberta Premier Danielle Smith?” Get used to it.”

Danielle Smith as premier of Alberta? Shudder the thought of having another pretend conservative and Reformer doing more harm to Alberta and the well being of Albertans. This is the last thing we need. Albertans should have had enough of the last bunch of pretend conservatives and Reformers, including Ralph Klein, who ended up destroying the good things Peter Lougheed did for Alberta. They didn’t learn, and the UCP made a horrific mess. Where’s the sense in that?

Perfect! For 6 months only! Just enough time for the Ununited Crazy Party to self destruct further. Ms. Notley’s favourite dream! What happens to the UCP candidates that were approved by Mr. Kenny. Do they continue by changing their agenda to align with Ms. Smith’s ? Supporters of moderates will find Ms. Smith offensive and problematic. Bring on the general election!

I really don’t want to get used to Smith. As I recall she was a disaster before and I suspect she will be again.

However, one piece of good new – there will be a provincial election very soon, so perhaps I wont have to get used to her and we can fix the disaster the UCP seems inclined to foist on us yet again.

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