5 thoughts on “UCP quashes Giant Bozo-Eruption in the making by dropping anti-Muslim nomination candidate

  1. Ernie

    So why couldn’t the UCP have told Beasley he was disqualified weeks ago? Seems like someone has some ‘splainin to do at the UCP!

  2. Anonymous

    Typical UCP antics. Hardly a surprise. Not a party worth voting for. If the Alberta PCs were very bad for decades, the UCP will be just as bad, if not worse.

  3. John Stanley

    The Todd Beasley case does not bode well for the U.C.P. It’s just more of the same old touchy-feely political correctness that hides an emerging police state.

  4. David

    Lets see, this week in UCP news we have the new UCP MLA who hid in the bathroom when the media discovered he was extensively involved in the Trump campaign, a now former Calgary UCP MLA who may have been stuffing ballot boxes to further his renomination and who also spent over $7,000 of his constituency funds on a partisan event (since reimbursed) and last, but not least the fellow who was running for the nomination in Medicine Hat who thinks Muslims are all evil. Have I missed anything? I thought summer was supposed to be a fairly quiet time – they sure have been busy lately and not in a good way.

  5. Jerrymacgp

    So, the UCP violates one of its founding principles—the so-called “grassroots guarantee”—to bar this nutjob from standing for a nomination. If he had been allowed to run, and been defeated by more rational party members, that would have been more consistent with this principle.

    Of course, if he had actually won the nomination, that would have been equally concerning from an electoral viability perspective, but that’s the risk you run by issuing these “grassroots guarantees”: that the roots are not grass at all, but noxious weeds.


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