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Saddle up. Calgary Stampede politics are back.

Dust off your cowboy boots and hat. It’s that time of year again. It’s the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. It’s the Calgary Stampede.

The Stampede is a must attend event for politicians of all stripes. Aside from the actual rodeo (the Chuckwagon races are a must see), the free pancake breakfast and BBQ circuit is unparalleled and a huge opportunity for local, provincial and federal politicians to connect with Calgarians. Proper attire is key, as is the ability to wear it properly.

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One reply on “Saddle up. Calgary Stampede politics are back.”

It seems to be an obligatory appearance for many politicians, but with the close fought provincial election over, I am not sure it is matters so much politically now. Really it is just another stop on the long summer barbecue circuit, albeit one of the bigger ones

Of course there is a Federal by election in Calgary soon, so it makes sense the PM stops by. It seems he generally takes by election campaigning quite seriously, even when in ridings he is unlikely to win. There also seems to be a point of pride for Federal Liberal leaders to go to Calgary, they must get an honorary badge or something saying “I went to Calgary as a Liberal and survived”.

Of course the Alberta Premier also needs to go and put on a brave smiling face, even though in perhaps a first for Alberta conservatives more Calgarians voted against her than voted for her. She must now know she can not take their support for granted. It was not so good for her this time, if she is not careful, next time it could be even worse.

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