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electoral boundaries mashup.

Earlier this week, I posted the poll-by-poll results from the 2008 provincial election for Calgary and Edmonton, and (once again thanks to reader Alan Hall) posted below are the 2008 results superimposed over the proposed boundaries from the interim report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission. A listing of the interim ridings with the 2008 results and margins are also posted below. If the political environment continues to change before the expected 2012 election, the past electoral results could mean very little, but until that time, these maps provide an interesting view of the previous election and what could be in 2012:

6 replies on “electoral boundaries mashup.”

Good data to look at.

One would assume, based on these maps that the NDP would target their 2 existing seats and maybe 4 gains in NorthWest, Glenora, Clareview and Centre.

Looks like the alterations to Mill Creek will ensure Health Minister "Wizard of Zwoz" stays elected, although shoring up his support may have cut some of Carl Benito's best polls out of Mill Woods. I expect a return to opposition camps from that riding next time.

If Dr Taft retires as MLA for Riverview after this term, I hope Moe E will consider running there. The Liberals need his youthful energy in caucus and he already has experience from 2 campaigns and 1 term in office.

The whole assumption is that these votin folk don't ever change there minds. I reckon the votin folk are more savvy see?

Now eat your viddels before Granny whoops yer ass.

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