Wayne Cao

wayne cao sings.

I am speechless… and unsure how I missed this until now. Calgary-Fort MLA Wayne Cao sings on YouTube… could it be the next trolololololo?

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I've heard him sing karaoke. I didn't think he was bad. But then, m'lord, I was too drunk to remember much else.

Good God I'm embarrassed for him, first it kissing babies on the soccer fields of Calgary (no more than kissing the asses of those can vote) and now this, no damn wonder he can't do anything in the legislature, he's too damn busy singing and poorly at that. A streaming vista of Alberta in the back ground, this is propaganda at it worse,

Which Lou is why we had to endure the Alberta vista and not seeing Wayne sing, That would have put a lot of us over the edge for sure. Bad enough we have to see him in the legislature, now he's going viral on us. good word for him viral, the mans a parasite on the butt of Alberta

Maybe He thought this was more efficient or cheaper, He did have to pay the musicians after all. Who knows what goes on in the minds of the mentally ill after all.

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