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Shandro drags his feet on new COVID-19 measures, Kenney has disappeared… again.

The fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Alberta hard. Forty-four Albertans are reported to have died of COVID-19 over the past six days. 1,522 new cases were announced yesterday. 679 Albertans are in hospital. 154 are in an Intensive Care Unit. Hundreds of surgeries are being cancelled because of the fourth wave.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro emerged yesterday at a press conference billed as an announcement to reduce pressure on hospitals, but he did not announce any further public health measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus. In fact, Shandro’s bizarre press conference was really about nothing.

When asked repeatedly by reporters, Shandro once again danced around the question of vaccine passports, which have the support of nearly 80 per cent of Albertans according to some polls.

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley is calling on the province to implement a vaccine passport system instead of putting the burden on businesses to figure out their own patchwork system.

Like in the past waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, expect Alberta’s United Conservative Party government to drag its feet in response to the fourth wave before implementing measures after facing weeks of criticism.

And Premier Jason Kenney has disappeared again, likely to reappear on September 21, after the federal election is over.

6 replies on “Shandro drags his feet on new COVID-19 measures, Kenney has disappeared… again.”

Substance??? Which definition do you mean??? Oh! That one! Is there another one while I ramble??? Why doesn’t somebody stop this, I’m dying up here!!! Wow! Is this really live??? Why me??? What a show!!! Yes it was.

Disappeared again? Oh well. I’m not sure Kenney’s reappearance from his over extended vacation in late August added anything, other than to assure us he was still alive and not in a coma or institutionalized.

In any event, the government will again flounder on without him in September much as it did in August. I’m not sure he is interested in or even able to provide the strong leadership needed at this time.

Perhaps the goal is just to do or say nothing until after the Federal election, so as not to remind anyone Kenney is a part of the same Conservative party as O’Toole. I suppose we will see how well that works.

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