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Federal Liberals nominate Devon Hargreaves as their candidate in Lethbridge

Devon Hargreaves

Devon Hargreaves has been nominated as the Liberal Party of Canada candidate in the federal district of Lethbridge. He is the first Liberal candidate nominated in Alberta ahead of the next federal election.

Hargreaves was the Liberal candidate in Lethbridge-East in the 2019 provincial election. He is the past Chair of the Lethbridge PrideFest and, in 2018, launched an e-petition to ban conversion therapy.

Incumbent Member of Parliament Rachael Harder has been nominated as the Conservative Party of Canada candidate. She was first elected in 2015 and was re-elected in 2019 with 65.8 per cent of the vote.

See the full list of candidates nominated or seeking nominations to run in Alberta in the next federal election, which could be called as earlier as this summer.

4 replies on “Federal Liberals nominate Devon Hargreaves as their candidate in Lethbridge”

I hope liberal candidate Devon gets out campaigns more He should be more visiable so we know who he is I voted for PC for 55 years and decided in the last fed election and this election I will be voting for liberals I like the way Trudeau got us thru the pandemic only wish there was more help fed regulations on long term care homes and more inspections

Are you serious , I mean you go ahead and vote for whom ever you want but to say that the self righteous, virtue signaling hypocrite did a good job, well that’s absolute bullshit

Any candidate who runs under the Liberal banner as long as Trudeau is leader and based on his past record of unethical corrupt scandulous hypocritical racist groper liar leaves them looking like they have no morals and condon this kind of activity from the member who holds the highest office in the country. Should and would not trusted to handle the serious issues pertaining to the welfare of this country.

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