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Episode 74: UCP Mutiny (Barnes and Loewen Edition)

Dani Paradis and Chris Henderson are back on the Daveberta Podcast to discuss the recent blow-out in the United Conservative Party caucus, the expulsion of Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen and the ongoing challenges to Premier Jason Kenney’s flailing leadership.

We also discuss recent developments in Edmonton’s mayoral election, Michael Oshry launching into the race, and Amarjeet Sohi’s expected entry into the campaign.

Dani Paradis is a Contributing Editor at Canadaland and co-editor of Rage Against the Municipal. Chris Henderson is Chief Strategist and Partner at Y-Station Communications and Research and was campaign manager for Don Iveson‘s 2007 and 2010 city council campaigns and 2013 mayoral campaign.

The Daveberta Podcast is hosted by Dave Cournoyer and produced by Adam Rozenhart.

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One reply on “Episode 74: UCP Mutiny (Barnes and Loewen Edition)”

A couple of comments, if I may:
– one of your guests, I think it was Mr Henderson, told a howler when he suggested the Premiership of Alberta might be a path to becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Doesn’t he know his history? The last Premier of a province to become PM was … wait for it … Sir Charles Tupper, Premier of pre-Confederation Nova Scotia from 1864 to 1867, a Father of Confederation, elected to the House of Commons in Canada’s first federal election in 1867, and Prime Minister for a mere 10 weeks in 1896.

In the post-WW II era, I do not believe any Premier has even been chosen to lead any of the main national political parties, although a few have gone the other way: Jean Charest — from federal PC leader to Liberal Premier of Quebec — comes to mind.

– second comment: the pod came to an abrupt end mid-sentence. You must have run over time or something.

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