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Notley’s NDP raised more cash than Kenney’s UCP in the final months of 2020

The Alberta NDP raised more money from individual Albertans than the United Conservative Party in the final quarter of 2020, according to financial documents released today by Elections Alberta.

This marks the second time in the last year that the opposition NDP have out-fundraised the governing UCP, suggesting Albertans are voting with their pocketbooks and credit cards.

Here is what Alberta’s political parties raised during the fourth quarter of 2020:

  • NDP $2,322,490.38
  • UCP $1,921,813.21
  • Alberta Party $50,738.66
  • Wildrose Independence Party $45,863.49
  • Liberal Party $44,746.87
  • Green Party $17,847.00
  • Alberta Advantage Party – $4,055.00
  • Independence Party – $2,990.40
  • Communist Party – $100.00

This marks the first time since the UCP was created that the NDP have fundraised more money over the course of a year. According to the Elections Alberta disclosures, the NDP raised $5,061,979.02 in 2020 with the UCP narrowly behind at $5,046,322.52.

The Alberta Party, Wildrose Independence Party, Liberal Party and Green Party also saw increases in their quarterly fundraising, though they remain significantly behind the two major parties.

The maximum annual donation to political parties was increased to $4,243 from $4.000 as of January 1, 2020.

6 replies on “Notley’s NDP raised more cash than Kenney’s UCP in the final months of 2020”

Over 5 million dollars in donations, yet Jason Kenney’s UCP still applied for & pocketed federal wage subsidy money that was meant for struggling Alberta small businesses, not for a wealthy political party.

What a disgusting move by a morally bankrupt party. With that kind of leadership, no wonder the UCP MLAs and staff all travelled internationally while telling us ordinary Albertans to stay locked down at home.

The UCP need to elect a new leader, one that will do the right thing and pay back the tax dollars this party stole under the fraudulent guise of fiscal hardship!

Someone should report the $100 donation to the Communist party to Steve Allan. It’s a huge relief to know that someone is spending $3.5M to go after those anti-O&G-anti-Albertan-Albertans.

In more ways than one, the UCP are losing traction. The UCP are a disaster of epic proportions, and will be out of office in 2023.

Thanks Dave. The numbers would seem to indicate a couple of things: the base the NDP established as government is sticking with it; Alberta continues as a two party state, with no indication of change in the near future ( although that cam sometimes happen in a hurry, in these parts).

For most of the time I was a party member before Rachel was elected leader, the party couldn’t raise $1 million per year, let alone over $5 million. For elections before 2015, the party had to secure a bank loan to even be able to mount a bare bones election campaign.

Rachel has instilled discipline in party messaging and professionalism in fundraising. She has my full support to lead us in the next provincial election.

Alberta has often throughout its history been a bit of a one party state and all that goes with that, which includes not questioning or criticizing those in power too much, because you know they will probably be in power for quite a while. Well, the Alberta political landscape sure seems to have changed since about 2008! We may have accidentally evolved into one of the more competitive two party systems in Canada now and the political fundraising numbers sure seem to support that.

However, these numbers are for 2020 and the bumpiest part of the ride for the UCP did not start until the fall and winter. It will be even more interesting to see the fundraising numbers for the next few quarters. I don’t think the news, or these numbers, will get better for the UCP any time soon.

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