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Episode 39: Wet Hot Albertan Summer

We’re taking a break from our summer vacations to record this special episode of the Daveberta Podcast.

In this episode, Dave Cournoyer and guest co-host Michael Janz discuss Bill 8, the contentious Education Act and its impact on Gay-Straight Alliances, and how the political battles over pipelines, climate change, and the conspiracy theories about foreign-funded interests are shaping the upcoming federal election. And we talk about the big issues facing Alberta’s future and why our politicians aren’t talking about them!

We also dive into the mailbag to answer some of the great questions our listeners sent us.

Thanks to our producer, Adam Rozenhart, for helping us put the show together, and a huge thanks to the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB, for supporting the show.

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We’re going to be taking another bit of a break from the podcast as we continue our vacations with our families this summer. But we’ll be back at it with a regular schedule at the beginning of September. Until then, so long everyone, and thanks for listening!

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2 replies on “Episode 39: Wet Hot Albertan Summer”

I tried! I honestly tried making it through the whole episode but gave up about halfway through after another one of Michael Janz’s numerous rants/fear mongering.

As I mentioned last time, an echo chamber like this is quite uninteresting and becoming just like another of a dozen generic other podcasts/radio shows out there. When will you get another Ryan-type co-host to balance out the opinions on this show? There’s next to no diversity (of viewpoints) here.

Hi Ray – thanks for the comment and for listening.

We strive to bring diverse voices on the podcast. I’m looking forward to having some more great guests on when we get on a regular schedule again in the fall.

Thanks again for the feedback!


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