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Read the nearly 800 policy proposals from United Conservative Party members

You might have read about them in Don Braid’s Postmedia column today, but if you want to take a deeper look, here are the full list of draft policy proposals submitted by United Conservative Party members for debate at the party’s founding convention on May 4, 5 and 6, 2018 in Red Deer.

The documents mostly include generic and predictable partisan conservative policy proposals with a focus on repealing many of the laws and policies implemented by Rachel Notley‘s New Democratic Party government since 2015. But not surprisingly, a number of policies submitted from the right-wing fringe of the UCP make it into this list.

Introduction of more private schools and increased parental control in education (code for undermining student-led Gay-Straight Alliances), removing funding for abortion services, cutting the size of the public service and public sector employee pay, allowing MLA recall votes, and defining family as the union of a man, a woman and their offspring are among the controversial proposals included in the list submitted by UCP members.

While many of the policies included in this document will not actually become official party policy, the list of proposed policies provides a glimpse into the priorities of the UCP membership in 2018. As noted in Braid’s column, a “final list of resolutions, about 250, won’t be disclosed until members and journalists get their convention packages on Friday.” Those policies will be debated by members at this weekend’s UCP meeting.

UCP member proposed policies:

United Conservative Party Constitutional Document 2 – Member Policy Declaration – V2.0 (Member Proposal Con… by davecournoyer on Scribd

UCP member proposed amendments to the party’s Statement of Principles

United Conservative Party Constitutional Document 1 – Statement of Principles – V2.0 (Member Proposal Conso… by davecournoyer on Scribd

3 replies on “Read the nearly 800 policy proposals from United Conservative Party members”

So the grand vision to save Alberta’s economy is to cut taxes, balance the budget and fire public workers literally? Wow this is funny. How does firing people but lowering their taxes make a better Alberta? For the record I hate taxes but this is ridiculous. I would suggest people read these documents because Jason Kenny is good at tapping into hurt and anger but the solutions do not make sense.

UCP is the same as the old Social Credit Government we had back in the day. Hold the bible in one hand with an H Bomb in the other. It took Alberta years to rid itself of the Social Credit and now we have the UCP hiding under sheep’s clothing to bring this bigot party back into power. No thank you.

Farmer Dave: Whoa, the Alberta government had a thermonuclear bomb arsenal under the SoCreds? We should totally bring that back! 🙂

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