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Episode 6: Alberta-BC Pipeline War, UCP loses 2 MLAs, and Alberta Party leadership race

We’re back! After a brief hiatus because Ryan was down south helping Make America Great Again, we are back with a new episode of The Daveberta Podcast.

Daveberta Podcast Alberta PoliticsIn this episode, Dave and Ryan discuss the ongoing dispute between Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and British Columbia Premier John Horgan over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline and wine boycott, the upcoming Innisfail-Sylvan Lake by-election, Derek Fildebrandt’s final exile from the United Conservative Party caucus, and the Alberta Party leadership vote on Feb. 27, 2018.

And Ryan leads our new regular segment – So you want to be a candidate – where we share some helpful tips and advice for aspiring politicians looking to run in the 2019 provincial election.

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7 replies on “Episode 6: Alberta-BC Pipeline War, UCP loses 2 MLAs, and Alberta Party leadership race”

Technical comment: at times, Mr Hastman was difficult to hear, as his voice kept fading in and out. Perhaps he should sit closer to the mic, or wear a headset mic. Also, who was the third voice I heard?

I felt the lack of a truly government-sympathetic voice this podcast, because you laid out possible futures if Alberta loses the pipeline fight. What if we win? In that case, Notley proves the carbon levy has paid a dividend, so how then does Kenney run against it afterward, without risking KM all over again?

I think the podcast was a bit too dismissive of the Alberta Party. Yes, there is an argument to be made that it gets more discussion than it deserves, but that is probably more in political circles, not in the mainstream media. The coverage of their leadership race in local newspapers has been about what I would expect for a third party with some potential for growth. The race has been noticed, but not generally front page news, except when certain higher profile candidates declared their intention to run. Whether their potential grows or not, will depend on many things, including who they choose as leader and of course, future events.

I do agree with some of the assessments of the Alberta/BC pipeline battle. It certainly does change the dynamic a bit for both Notley and Kenney. The Premier gets center stage here with Kenney in the background. However, I think it may be a mistake for those who think the Prime Minister will quickly abandon his national carbon strategy just because it creates some political challenges for him in BC, that might be Conservative wishful thinking.

Good podcast so far! One piece of feedback I’d offer is that it seems to get pulled to the right a bit too much by Ryan, with no countervailing pull to the center and left, and so it can feel a bit lopsided in terms of facts and views. Is Dave supposed to play the role of moderator? If so, consider having voices from the center and center-left on to balance the rightwards pull a bit better. Thanks to both Dave & Ryan for doing the podcast & keep up the good work!

I’m now thinking TMPL will never get built, at least not in time to save Rachel’s government. Horgan is more than willing to sacrifice his old comrade to save his own skin in the next BC election, whicg could come next year as well.

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