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Bozo-Eruption Alert: Wildrose campus club email declares “Feminism is Cancer”

Feminism is Cancer” was the subject line of an email sent out by the Wildrose Party campus club at the University of Calgary promoting the showing of the film “Red Pill.” The Wildrose club planned to screen the film, which online reviews describe as exploring Men’s Rights issues, on the U of C campus on International Women’s Day.

Brian Jean Wildrose Leader
Brian Jean

The Oxford Dictionary defines feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” and I will assume that the Young Wildrosers who wrote the email were not referring to cancer by its purely medical definition.

The email and the event are offensive and after a swift backlash online, the club responded on twitter that it had fired its director of communications and was no longer co-sponsoring the event.

The federal Conservative Party club also announced it would no long co-sponsor the film screening but the event is still being held by another co-sponsor, a group calling itself the “Canadian Advocates for Freedom and Liberty.” It is bizarre that even a campus political club would be so tone-deaf and insensitive, especially with talk of creating a new conservative party before the next election.

Last month the same Wildrose campus club announced it had endorsed Jason Kenney‘s bid to dissolve the Progressive Conservative Party and lead a new conservative party.

It would be easy to chalk up the “Feminism is Cancer” email to student tomfoolery or immaturity if it were not already part of a trend of Wildrose Party bozo-eruptions that go all the way back to the 2012 election.

The blog post predicting an ‘eternity in the lake of fire’ for gays and lesbians and claims of a caucasian advantage by mostly unknown candidates in that election likely cost the Wildrose Party its chance of forming government in 2012.

Wildrose Feminism is Cancer
A screenshot of the email (click to enlarge)

More recently, nine Wildrose MLAs were called out for signing an op-ed sent to rural newspapers that compared the NDP government’s carbon tax to the Holodomor, the genocide that killed an estimated 2.5–7.5 million Ukrainians in the Soviet Union from 1932 to 1933. And there was the incident surrounding Derek Fildebrandt’s “suspension” from the Wildrose caucus, which ended up lasting around 72 hours in total. Weird tirades against the threat of communism and denial of climate change by Wildrose MLAs just add more flames to the [lake of] fire.

Back in 2012, before the Lake of Fire became part of the province’s political lingo, then-party leader Danielle Smith confirmed the existence of a good conduct bonds of $1,000 to be paid by anyone who ran for a Wildrose Party nomination.

Maybe it will be time for Brian Jean and Jason Kenney to increase the good conduct bond to $10,000?

11 replies on “Bozo-Eruption Alert: Wildrose campus club email declares “Feminism is Cancer””

I wish I could say I was surprised. It’s the same old stuck in the 1950s rural white-male ideological Wildrose Party.

What did the doctor say? A Wildrose bozo-eruption a day keeps the NDP in power and snowflake Derek Fildebrandt stuck in the opposition benches.

Keep it up, ‘Rosers.

I’m a conservative and I’m completely disgusted by this. There is no place in modern politics for this regressive crap. Unbelievable. Just when you forget how different the Wildrose is from the PCs, they find a way to remind you.

At minimum, the President of the club should be stepping down. There is no way this wasn’t ok’d by the entire campus club, let alone higher ups in the WRP knowing about it. The entire club should be disbanded if they want to make any attempts at distancing themselves from this…but of course they won’t!

These kids have zero political strategy, but beyond that, it’s obvious that the WRP doesn’t have a handle on their fringe supporters who can’t grasp that governance isn’t about individual grievances.

Appalled? Yes. Astounded, astonished, surprised? Not really. While it would be unfair to tar the entire Wildrose Party with the MCP brush, it is most concerning that Alberta’s so-called Loyal Opposition seems to be accepting of such medieval views.

Interesting that the campus club responsible for the bozo eruption endorsed Kenney. There haven’t been a lot of Wildrose bozo eruptions lately, so maybe they were instructed or encouraged to create one. At this moment a bit of tarnish on Wildrose helps Kenney, not hurts him.

Absolutely disgusting. And as you point out, how on earth did these young adults think this was a good thing, in any reality? IMHO people like Derek Fildebrandt promote/engender this sort of thing, so I think they wear it, despite Jean’s weak denials.

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