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#abvote Google Hangout with MLA Laurie Blakeman

It has been a banner month for Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman.

At the start of last week, the Progressive Conservative government did a 180 degree flip to endorse Ms. Blakeman’s bid to allow students to create Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. By the end of the week, the five-term Liberal MLA announced that she had secured her party’s nomination to run for re-election, as well as nominations from the Alberta Party and Green Party in Edmonton-Centre. Billed as a plan to unite progressives in Edmonton-Centre, Ms. Blakeman’s unusual step has caught the attention of political watchers from across Alberta.

We were pleased to welcome Ms. Blakeman as our guest on the second #AbVote Google Hangout. The topics covered in the hour-long discussion ranged from the future of progressive politics in Alberta, why she chose not to join Rachel Notley‘s New Democratic Party, the state of the Liberal Party, the importance of electing more women in politics, reducing carbon emissions from coal burning electricity plants, protecting the right to water, Star Trek versus Star Wars, lunch with Pope Joan and much more.

Watch the full Google Hangout in the screen below.

Watch for details about our next #AbVote Google Hangout and new guests and co-hosts.

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6 replies on “#abvote Google Hangout with MLA Laurie Blakeman”

Might have been a banner month for her, but not for our kids and their parents with this ridiculous GSA policy….

I notice she didn’t answer one of Mr Hastman’s questions: where do she & Rachel Notley disagree, in terms of public policy?

I wish Laurie Blakeman was Tory. I would have more hope for the actual future of politics in Alberta if she was, because the Liberals are never ever coming back into power. Not that I’ll live to see, at any rate.

Telling parents how to raise their children and not respecting others’ minority beliefs is the “21st century”? Comeon Dave, that sounds more like the dark ages! Tolerance goes all ways.

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