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#yegvote Google Hangout with Kerry Diotte

Last night on the #yegvote Google Hangout, Ryan Hastman, Mack Male and I were joined by mayoral candidate Kerry Diotte. We faced some minor technical difficulties, but overall I feel we had a good conversation with Mr. Diotte about his campaign for mayor and some of the key issues he has been focusing on.

While the other two main candidates for mayor are releasing more broad platforms, Mr. Diotte remains focused on four key issues – roads, debt, taxes and the arena deal. It is an interesting strategy, as I have little doubt that these are four issues he is hearing at the doors and will resonate with a significant number of voters in Edmonton.

With just more than two weeks left in the election campaign, we plan to host a few more #yegvote Google Hangouts with some more special guests. Watch for details.

Watch our archived episodes on or follow the links below
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September 12 – Special guest Steven Dollansky
September 5 – Special guest Kathleen Smith (aka @Kikkiplanet)
August 29 – Special guest mayoral candidate Don Iveson
August 15 – Special guest Aliza Dadani from ActivatED
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2 replies on “#yegvote Google Hangout with Kerry Diotte”

Thanks for doing these, they are a great resource for voters like me. I really liked hearing what Don Iveson and Kerry Diotte had to say and they both seemed really personable and down-to-earth. When is Karen Leibovici going to be a guest on the hangout?

Cut taxes and spend money. Kerry Diotte’s plan just doesn’t add up.

Karen Leibovici strikes me as just another bland career politician that will say anything to get my vote.

I like Don Iveson’s ideas and it’s time for someone new in the mayor’s office.

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