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The Brian Jean crossword puzzle

The MP Brian Jean Crossword Puzzle
The MP Brian Jean Crossword Puzzle

How well do you know your Member of Parliament? Fort McMurray-Athabasca Conservative MP Brian Jean takes a unique approach to this question in his latest mail-out to constituents.

Mr. Jean’s latest taxpayer-funded mail-out doesn’t included a crossword puzzle about the bustling community of Fort McMurray, or the wealth of natural resources in the riding, or even what the duties of an MP are. In what I can only suspect was inspired by Oprah Winfrey‘s O Magazine, Mr. Jean’s crossword puzzle is all about Mr. Jean.

Here is a sample of a few questions included in the crossword:

Eight across, four letters: “Brian’s inaugural election year: in Roman numerals.”

Four down, four letters: “Brian’s favourite colour.”

Seven down, three letters:  “How many grandchildren does Brian have”

Twenty down, three letters: “Colour of Brian’s hair”

(Thanks to a reader for passing this image along)

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I lived in the riding for almost a year, it’s really blessed with a wealth of political talent. Mayor Melissa Blake and most of the council are passionate about Fort McMurray, the two MLAs represent RMWB very well in the Legislature and are a consistent presence at events. Mr. Jean is sadly not present at most functions, he doesn’t make an effort to connect with the new community that has grown around him the past decade. This crossword is a new low in political judgement for Mr. Jean, surely a lowly staffer will get blamed and thrown under the bus.

I actually enjoyed Mr. Jean’s crossword section. Question 16 across: Body of water north of Athabasca, Question 18 across: One of the major Albertan resources, Question 19 across: Brian’s current Private Member’s Bill: Cracking Down on Organized Crime and ___. Brian did cover a lot of material in this issue besides himself. A calendar outlining his involvement in the area, a section on his role as a MP, and an account of all the legislation he has introduced into Canadian law. There are also a lot of people, particularly young people, engaged on Twitter over the crossword. Twitter seems to be the way young voters engage in politics these days. The key to Fort McMurray’s future is a strong and unified community and that’s what I like to see our politicians trying to achieve. If this has received this much attention then his message must be working. Great work Brian. Thank you for all your hard work.

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