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tempting fate, a @premierdanielle twitter account has been created.

Premier Danielle Smith Twitter @PremierDanielle
A screen shot of the @PremierDanielle Twitter account.

Is Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith already measuring the drapes in the Premier’s Office?

A Twitter account named @PremierDanielle has been created. The only other Twitter user the account is following, as of this afternoon, is @ElectDanielle, Ms. Smith’s official Twitter account.

For the purpose of holding the Twitter name it would not be out of the ordinary for party or campaign staff to have created the account, but it does give us a peak into the confidence the Wildrose Party must feel even with 17 days left in the provincial election campaign (I am sure that neither the Liberals or NDP have claimed @PremierRaj or @PremierBrian).

Despite this, I am sure that the wise Toby Ziegler might have some choice words to share with them.

(Original post edited).

Update: It turns out that the @PremierDanielle twitter account was created in October 2010, the which is a year after Ms. Smith became leader of her party (perhaps some decent long-term planning from the Wildrose Party…). Thanks to commenter Brendan Mueller for pointing that out. 

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In fairness to the large and abrasive Wilted Rose ego, the account is following @ElectDanielle not the other way around.

Come on Dave. We know you’re more internet and SM savvy than this post leads us to believe.

This is nothing more than prudent planning. I’m surprised this wasn’t done already along with a dozen different domain names.

Did you not consider that perhaps it is prudent for the WRP to reserve the Premier Danielle account, lest someone, say a prominent Liberal activist and blogger, hijack it to serve their own political purpose?

I don’t know, say perhaps like this example:

I’m curious as to why Mr. Cournoyer, may have been looking in the first place?

Perhaps you might care to explain?

I’m also interested to see if this comment is approved or not.

Just saying…

Looks like daniellesmith .co .info .net .org .us .biz .mobi .me are all available. Any Rosers want to race me to GoDaddy?

Funny thing about twitter, it says when the user registered. The account was created in October 2010.

My guess is this was done by the PCs.

Good move. Could have been used for inappropriate messaging. Has happened before.
Just smart – no news here

I just love it when you pull those clips from the West Wing, one of my favourite TV series (I own all seven seasons on DVD), to add context to your blog. The writing & the acting were exemplary, and the insights into the bizarre American political system were illuminating. It’s just too bad they never had a Jed Bartlet as President; the US & the rest of the world would have been much better off that we were with “Shrub”.

C’mon Dave, one might say you’re the reason such pre-emptive tactics are needed in Alberta now!

BTW, curious how you just happened upon it? I’m sure you weren’t looking for your next web victim… 😉

Interesting how many Wildrosers now post to this blog relative to even just a few months ago. Amazing what money can buy.

There’s a drive by smear for ya. No money changed hands to get me to post. A few months ago I asked where I could get some good Alberta Political commentary. This blog was recommended, in fact I have recommended it to others. Too bad it has transcended into much less than it was when it first came to my attention. You keep up the conspiracy Alvin.

@ Alvin — sheesh Alvin not very tolerant of others’ viewpoints ? Who do I talk to about getting my $ …;)

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