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tempting fate, a @premierdanielle twitter account has been created.

Premier Danielle Smith Twitter @PremierDanielle
A screen shot of the @PremierDanielle Twitter account.

Is Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith already measuring the drapes in the Premier’s Office?

A Twitter account named @PremierDanielle has been created. The only other Twitter user the account is following, as of this afternoon, is @ElectDanielle, Ms. Smith’s official Twitter account.

For the purpose of holding the Twitter name it would not be out of the ordinary for party or campaign staff to have created the account, but it does give us a peak into the confidence the Wildrose Party must feel even with 17 days left in the provincial election campaign (I am sure that neither the Liberals or NDP have claimed @PremierRaj or @PremierBrian).

Despite this, I am sure that the wise Toby Ziegler might have some choice words to share with them.

(Original post edited).

Update: It turns out that the @PremierDanielle twitter account was created in October 2010, the which is a year after Ms. Smith became leader of her party (perhaps some decent long-term planning from the Wildrose Party…). Thanks to commenter Brendan Mueller for pointing that out.