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conzilla and the opposition robots.

Each year, the political parties represented in Alberta’s Legislative Assembly produce short videos for the Press Gallery Christmas Party. Typically funny, though not always very good, the videos are always best when they are self-depricating (everyone likes politicians that can make fun of themselves). At this year’s party, the tiny two MLA NDP caucus of Brian Mason and Rachel Notley produced a tribute to the Godzilla films titled Conzilla and the Opposition Robots.

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Thanks Earl. This one might be a little too far out for most of the #ableg crowd. Godzilla afictionados love it though, and we had lots of fun making it. Extra thanks to Richard Liebrecht for his huge effort to get it done on time. It’s amazing how much work all that editing is.

Perhaps we’ll call it a ‘critical success’.

Just dropping by from Earl’s blog. Sorry daveberta Earl wins. You made Godzilla dull, but I liked the special FX. Did you think using random Japanese dialog repeating sounded racist i did. Also, lots of long shots where nothing happens too bad. Still, mission accomplished, I guess

As a fluent Japanese speaker, I can only comment the NDP needs a new Japanese/English translator. Sue Huff’s lines were blown completely. What she actually said was, “we will destroy Conzilla with kittens and rainbows.”

I also think the translator missed the number of times Brian Mason asked, “So, Rachael, you think you could do better, do you?”

Apologies to Ms Notley for the extra letter in her name (in the post above). That’s how it’s spelled in Japanese.

What an epic production! Contratulations Brian on making such a hard-hitting political infomercial. Watch out Micheal Moore… I loved it!!!

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