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Following up on my previous post with the NDP video from the Press Gallery Christmas Party, here is the Liberal Party video shown at the annual party:

(thanks to Earl J. Woods for posting it online)

9 replies on “rajey.”

Chris: Yes.

Bob: The NDP and Liberals are the only two parties who have posted the videos online. The Alberta Party video was actually pretty good, and I would even say that it was the best video this year. You’ll have to take my word on it, as it’s not online.

Ii actually found this one a bit lame. The NDP video was much more tongue-in-cheek, despite the cheesy special effects and overdubbing.

Last year’s NDP one was leak-worthy, but the two seen so far this year… yuck. Time to go to back to the old tradition of not letting the public see these things. Seems like a lot of wasted resources at the Legislature.

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