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the doc is in. former tory mla raj sherman is the new alberta liberal leader.

Results of the first ballot voting in today’s Alberta Liberal leadership vote:

Raj Sherman 54% 4684 votes
Hugh MacDonald 26% 2239 votes
Laurie Blakeman 9% 854 votes
Bill Harvey 7% 626 votes
Bruce Payne 2% 197 votes
Total: 8640 votes out of 27,567 eligible voters

Dr. Raj Sherman was first elected as the Progressive Conservative MLA for Edmonton-Meadowlark in 2008. In 2010, he sent an email to Premier Ed Stelmach, his caucus colleagues, and medical contacts that led to him being kicked out of the PC caucus. He sat as an Independent MLA while joining the Liberal Party leadership race earlier this year.

Dr. Sherman defeated four-term Liberal MLAs Hugh MacDonald and Laurie Blakeman.

9 replies on “the doc is in. former tory mla raj sherman is the new alberta liberal leader.”

A bold move, and the right one for a party on a 90 year losing streak. Next step, to merge with (and take the name of) the Alberta Party to create a united, progressive alternative that might actually turn the next provincial election into a three way race.

Sherman strikes me as a little unbalanced given his sketchy claims about queue jumping and other irrational statements he has made.

I do not understand why or how this guy got elected.

He will certainly not be accepted by Albertans in general. That is just my opinion.

Skip, mental midget pig farmers, drunks and jocks can’ t even compare in intelligence to a critical thinking doctor. Next queue jumping claims were made by Duckett and the leaked document already proves this regime was aware of it, but chose to look the other way. 20 other Dr.s corroborated Dr. Sherman’s claims of physician intimidation, muzzle and coverup, with documents to show on, go read. Sherman corroborated the queue jumping because he saw it firsthand, as did Dr. Paul Parks and others at the time. He will be very well received by most Albertans, theytrust him.

A quote from one of the other blogs:

“Raj Sherman is built for speed, not distance. This will end badly for the Liberals.”

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