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raj sherman sweeps alberta liberal leadership poll.

Alberta Liberal Party Leadership Vote Poll 2011 Raj Sherman Hugh MacDonald Laurie Blakeman Bill Harvey Bruce Payne
Readers voted in this poll between September 6 and 9.

When asked who will win the Alberta Liberal Party leadership vote on September 10, readers of this blog overwhelmingly chose former Tory MLA Raj Sherman.

Four-term Edmonton-Gold Bar Liberal MLA Hugh MacDonald placed a distant second and Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman and conservative Calgarian Bill Harvey placed a close third and fourth in this online poll. Calgarian Bruce Payne barely registered on the online poll.

Although the contest has drawn the interest of 27,000 supporters, accusations of irregularities in the voters list by Mr. MacDonald have dominated the media coverage of the contest.  Yesterday, Mr. Harvey claimed that the party office had added dozens (and maybe hundreds) of last minute names to the voters list and had not yet provided his campaign with the full list. The names of these supporters were collected by former Edmonton-Ellerslie MLA Bharat Agnihotri, who is supporting Dr. Sherman’s candidacy.

For more on the Liberal leadership contest, read Justin Archer‘s guest post, Decision Time for Alberta Liberals.

9 replies on “raj sherman sweeps alberta liberal leadership poll.”

Hi Dave,

99 supporters were added to the voters list that had been previously missed.

Bill Harvey’s campaign – like all the campaigns – has been given all regular list updates and has access to the full list through the Candidate Module provided by our voter provider, ISI.

Corey, thanks for giving the facts on the Edmonton journal Article. He has again embarassed himself and tried to do this to the party.

@Dave Berta, depending on who the winner of this race is, you should contemplate maybe coming back to the ALP. It would be a massive addition. Not talking a merger, will you consider coming back home to us?

Hugh is not showing rational public behavior. First he has made buddies with Harvey, a rightwinger, more right of Wildrose, now he is blaming the party of conspiring against him, despite the fact, that he has been waging an extremely negative campaign against Raj.

Some people’s integrity, character and ethics are starting to show and it looks extremely ugly.

So the Liberals replace Dr. Taft with Dr. Swann and nothing improved and now the perceived frontrunner to replace Dr. Swann is Dr. Shermann. Do they figure third time’s the charm or something?

Not sure this is a good poll as people who would back Bill Harvey will not normally go to your blog.

I would not be surprised if Bill Harvey takes it.

To @Darren, Dr. Taft is indeed a doctor, but he is not a physician; he holds a PhD in business. PC Party leadership candidate Ted Morton is a doctor too, but not a physician; he holds a PhD in political economy. The unlamented Dr. Duckett, former CEO of Alberta Health Services, is also a doctor, but not a physician; his PhD is in health administration. However, Dr. Swann is indeed a physician, as is Dr. Sherman. So, if the Libs choose Dr. Sherman, it is only the second physician to hold the leadership, not the third.

Not every doctor is a medical doctor.

Raj has the courage of representing Albertans, whatever the stakes personally may be … as evidenced by speaking out against principles of the Tory health system when he was a PC.

Personally, I’d vote for Raj, no matter what party he represents. I vote for the individual — not the party.


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