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laurie blakeman kicking off liberal leadership bid.

Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman is kicking off her campaign for the Liberal Party leadership at a May 15 BBQ at the Rossdale Community Hall. The kick off will take place right after the conclusion of a constituency nomination meeting where Ms. Blakeman will be acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in her riding.

Ms. Blakeman was first elected in 1997 and announced her bid for the party leadership not long after current leader David Swann announced his resignation in February 2011. The Liberal Party released the rules for their leadership campaign this week and members will choose a new leader on September 10, 2011.

The only other candidate to announce interest in the contest is former Edmonton-Meadowlark PC MLA Raj Sherman, who joined the Liberal Party in March 2011.

The next Liberal leader will face many pressing challenges, most urgently to find a way to pull together a party which has fallen behind the other opposition parties, namely the Wildrose Alliance, in public support and fundraising over the past year. With a provincial election potentially being called as early as November 2011, the new leader will not have time on their side.

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In our defense, I’m pretty sure that the person who picked purple wasn’t following Nenshi’s campaign, and I know it’s not the same shade (they used something like three shades and gradients to boot – stop bogarting all the purple, Nenshi).

Dave, I like Laurie Blakeman, watched her in the legislature, many times. She knows the proceedings and procedures and laws of the legislature quite well. But, she is no leader. Even if she pulls of leadership of the Libs, she doesn’t have leadership appeal qualities, the presensce and charisma INMHO, esp. with Albertans and it would hurt ALP chances.

David Swann was an honest, upright guy, but too nice for politics. It will take a tough as nails, pit viper like Dr. Raj Sherman to pull of the leadership of the Liberals. Not one candidate has superboosted the profile of the Liberals like Dr. Raj Sherman. This guy worked inside the PC machinery and knows how it works. The Liberals don’t have a chance at power, unless they get their stuff together and rally behind him. That is the reality. Again, Laurie is an excellent technical asset, but personality appeal is not there INMHO for leadership.

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