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political parties financial disclosures 2010.

The 2010 Financial Disclosure forms from Alberta’s political parties have been released and posted on the Elections Alberta website.

Progressive Conservative (disclosure): The rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated. A year of low numbers in the polls numbers did not stop the PC Party from fundraising $248,960 more than in 2009. With $2,857,374 in assets, the PC Party proves that it is still the most well-funded political machine in the province.

Liberal Party (disclosure): Last year was a tough year for the Liberals and it is reflected in their fundraising numbers. The Liberals raised $247,849 less in 2010 than they did in 2009. The good news for the Liberals is that their legacy of internal debt was nearly slayed in 2010, giving the party an opportunity to grow in 2011.

Wildrose Alliance (disclosure): Last year was an impressive fundraising year for this party, as they raised $1,791,093, proving that the party has been cultivating a strong base of financial donors (especially individual donors).

Alberta NDP (disclosure): The NDP raised a healthy $728,460 in 2010, an increase in total donations and an increase in contributions over $375. The NDP are still battling their significant campaign debt, which has accumulated over the past few elections.

Alberta Party (disclosure): Small but significant financial growth for the Alberta Party in 2010. The large majority of the $91,626 donations would have likely been raised in the final months of 2010, following that party’s Annual General Meeting and Policy Conference.

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What’s telling is how much the Wildrose spent. They don’t have much left over for a campaign war chest.

Hi Dave,

The Alberta Liberal Party did not hold Leaders Dinners in 2010 – they were (and in Edmonton’s case, still are) scheduled for April of this year. In 2009 the Leader’s Dinners accounted for ~$200k in revenue, accounting for the discrepancy in the year over year.



Don’t forget that leader’s dinner the Wildrose tried in Edmonton last year that was cancelled due to 3 ticket sales.

It’s true, I saw an invitation for the Liberal’s leadership dinner asking each attendee to nominate a number of ‘community leaders’ to attend the dinner for free…

Didnt the Liberals raise $1M in a year when Kevin Taft was leader?

This is a party in a slow and painful decline.

It will be nice to finally stop hearing about how the Liberals have “almost” paid off their debt. Three years now?

Dave, just curious. I understand that the PCs raised over $5 million when fundraising in constituencies is included (at least their president tweeted that they raised more than $2 mill in constituencies). What were the WAP numbers? I have a feeling that they may have rolled their constituency numbers into their $1.8 million total? Maybe Vitor will enlighten us…

About $397,000 in constituency contributions to the WAP, once you eliminate party transfers. That’s pretty weak. Also a ton of their constituency associations didn’t file, which should result in deregistration.

Hi Dave,

There were a couple of factors, but ultimately the dinners were scheduled for spring instead of autumn because of a combination of venue availability and the municipal elections.

Here’s another take:

The PC CA’s raised $2,000,000 or roughly $22,988.51/CA.

The WRA CA’s raised $400,000 or roughly $4,597.70/CA. Even if the cost of running a campaign was only $22,988.51, realistically, almost none of the WRA CA’s would be able to mount a credible campaign based on current figures.

Given its base, I suspect it’s more likely there are about 30 CA’s in Calgary and southern Alberta sitting with approximately $13,000 each in their bank accounts and those will become the major focus of the WRA election campaign.

Oh yeah….with all the talk about how the WRA would be far more responsible spending taxpayers’ money, I find it very ironic how high their spending was as compared to what they actually raised.

Marie raises a good point. Where did the WRA’s money go? Was it to Danielle Smith’s wardrobe at Blu’s?

I’ve looked at the constituencies for the Wildrose in Calgary. Only Calgary-Elbow has any significant money – the rest are well under $2,000.00. Seems like the Wildrose make themselves out to be much bigger than they are.

Marie (Stelmach?): Oh yeah….with all the talk about how the WRA would be far more responsible spending taxpayers’ money, I find it very ironic how high their spending was as compared to what they actually raised.

Here’s what each party’s surplus was, as a percentage of their total revenue:

NDP: 10.1%
PC: 13.5%
Wildrose: 14.6%
Liberal: 16.3%
AB Party: 32.2%

Looks like Wildrose did better at fiscal responsibility than your party.

(And frankly, any party that runs a surplus can credibly claim to be fiscally responsible in this area, regardless of the size.)

The question is: how much of the money the WRA raised went to Danielle Smith’s wardrobe at Blu’s?

Here we go with the Phoney Joe Albertan running down the Wildrose, that seems to be your only purpose here. If you believe that the Wildrose are not a contender then your are dumber than even I thought you were. I’m not even a supporter of there’s and even I can acknowledge the fact that they are a factor. Meathead.

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