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alberta cabinet minister to michael ignatieff: clarify your position on sports arena funding.

Alberta’s Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs Jonathan Denis has penned this letter to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff asking him to clarify his position on federal government funding of professional sports arenas. On March 14, 2011, Mr. Ignatieff told reporters in Quebec City that a federal Liberal government would support funding a new hockey arena in Quebec City.

Edmonton City Council will receive a new package of reports today from City Administration on the proposed downtown arena project focusing on governance framework options, public engagement options, impacts of an arena in downtown, and the Community Revitalization Levy and boundary. The reports will be discussed by City Council on April 6, 2011.

5 replies on “alberta cabinet minister to michael ignatieff: clarify your position on sports arena funding.”

Funding billionaires and their sports arenas anywhere is a bad idea. But if the feds are gonna do it, it shouldn’t just be for Quebec – Alberta should get it too.

Ignatieff already said the same criteria would be applied for cities with projects across Canada. Denis is just trying to stir something up during an election campaign.

Are the provincial PCs wanting to align with the Liberals and support their policy direction?? Are they trying to meddle?? This is a really strange letter, and for me it crosses over a line. We are paying this guy to manage his provincial portfolio, not spend time probing the federal liberal policy during an election campaign. It would be a fair question once the liberals are elected, but serves no good purpose now — do it on your own time (and stationery).

As a FORMER PC member, turned Wild Rose, I think the letter asks a pretty damned good question.

A little grandstanding?

Probably.. but I would like to see the answer.

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