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dear katz group. re: arena promotional video.

Dear Katz Group,

I watched the promotional video that your wholey-owned subsidiary (Revitalize Edmonton) created in response to a public campaign by critics of your downtown arena proposal. My first thought after watching it was that whoever you are paying to make your videos, you are probably paying them too much.

To add some context to that comment, here is a video response that I made on my Macbook in 25 minutes.


For some reason, some people cannot see the embedded video. Here is a link to the YouTube page.

20 replies on “dear katz group. re: arena promotional video.”

OMG, as my 14-yr-old would say — I laughed so hard I scared my dog. I don’t know, though, which video was funnier.

(And I’d just like to say, no one should EVER use that yellow typeface. For anything.)

@Paula – That was certainly the desired effect. They yellow typeface says it all. Glad you enjoyed it!

@Andrew – I updated the embed code, so it may work on Firefox now (I usually use Safari, so I didn’t know until you & Jodie commented). Thanks.

Nice Job Dave, fair and too the point. This is a private company getting public dollars ! something wrong here!!

Hmmm, I fail to see the humour in this… where is the logic? Isn’t he paying 100 million dollars? 100 Million Dollars? 100 Million dollars? 100 Million Dollars? How is he getting money?

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