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the sergeant – an alberta politics spoof.

Thanks to the Alberta NDP Caucus for posting their video from the annual Press Gallery Christmas Party on YouTube. Thanks to the NDP,  Wildrose Alliance Caucus, and Independent MLA Raj Sherman for sharing their sense of humour with Albertans. This video is hilarious.

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This was a hoot! Thanks for posting it, I loved it. Seeing the WRA types in NDP orange was only one of the best features of this video. My only quibble was that “Corporal” Notley was wearing a Major’s uniform.

I wonder if any of the PC caucus have watched it?

Just the ones who were at the press gallery Christmas party, where they show one of these every year. From every party. So yeah, pretty much all of them have.

No one else had an issue with making a mockery of children dieing as a tool for question period? or were we supposed to overlook that as a comedic device? other than that I found it hilarious. Guy is probably the worst actor in the bunch. He looks rough.

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