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daveberta going municipal.

The municipal election is less than 90 days away and until then I will be spending more time over at I will still be posting here and cross-posting some of my writing on this blog, but as the municipal election heats up we hope that becomes a hub of information and debate around the issues facing our city in this election.

The Mayor and most Councillors are running for re-election. Thirty-three year veteran Ron Hayter and fifteen-year Councillor Dave Thiele are retiring. One group thinks a downtown arena is the solution to the world’s problems and another offers some (mostly) sober second thought to that idea. And then there are those rich guys who want to keep their airport open. It should be a fun election.

UPDATE: While you are at it, check out the good folks at

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And don’t forget those school board candidates who are actually running competitive campaigns this year!

If the mayoral race isn’t exciting enough, there will be some exciting races coming up for Public School Trustee!

Michael Janz

I am quite disappointed with the provincial liberal party and their total lack of understanding with respect to the Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA). As I stated in my letter to the editor, ECCA is home to many, many more aircraft than merely ‘private planes’. I work at the airport operating an aircraft charter company so I am quite familiar with the aircraft there. From its central location the airport is used to move government (both federal and provincial) workers (not just politicians but employees)efficiently throughout the province and beyond. It enables Edmonton based businesses (small and large) to expand, efficiently, into markets in other communities. Aviation markets vary from airport to airport and, if anything, ECCA is the working persons airport (note the Unions that are now supporting Envision Edmonton). Perhaps you should speak to some airport people before you pass judgement. Tomorrow Aviation Edmonton (check us out at is having a bar-b-que at the airport. Drop by and we will give you the other side of the story.

Maybe I haven’t seen all the info about the municipal airport but has no one suggested cost-sharing? If the CCA is so important to so many municipalities outside of Edmonton and small airline companies, has no one suggested that these municipalities kick in for some form of cost sharing or there be additional fees for use of the facility?

It is my hope that voter turnout is much higher in this next election. The race for Mayor my not have that much excitement and Council does not look like it is going to see much change, but the School board race in many Wards looks interesting and my be the wild card for some real change by the voters.

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