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alberta politics notes 7/23/2010

– From the west coast, the mighty Tyee has published some interesting oilsands related articles this week: Oil Sands opponents will lose, Economist suggests and Lobby group vows to protect oil sands pipeline against new attack.
– Delegates from the PNWER conference toured the oilsands this week, including Alberta’s minister in Washington DC Gary Mar.
– Dan Arnold has some good photos of politicians playing cowboy at the Calgary Stampede.
– First came The Big Listen, now the Alberta Party brings us The Big Momentum.
– Health & Wellness Minister Gene Zwozdesky announced over $1 billion in infrastructure funding for facilities outside of Calgary and Edmonton. The NDP compared it to the the Dance of the Seven Veils (which I had to google).
Edmonton-Gold Bar MLA Hugh MacDonald‘s latest target are staff bonuses at the Workers Compensation Board.
– Wildrose Alliance Communications Director Shawn Howard has moved on as his party announces the opening of candidate nomination processes in 11 constituencies across Alberta. The Liberals will be starting their own nomination process in earnest this fall. The NDP have already nominated their first candidate, Deron Bilous in Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview.
– Former Liberal MLA Rick Miller is gearing up for the next election campaign. August 4 is the 15th annual Edmonton-Rutherford Salmon BBQ. Currently serving as the Official Opposition Chief of Staff, Mr. Miller narrowly lost his bid for re-election against PC candidate Fred Horne back in 2008.
– The crowded race for Calgary’s Mayorship may be getting more crowded. Rumours are strong that recently retired CTV news anchor Barb Higgins may be joining Naheed Nenshi, Kent Hehr, Ric McIver, Jon Lord, Bob Hawkeswoth, Joe Connelly, Craig Burrows, Paul Hughes, others in the race.
– The electoral battle in Edmonton-Glenora is heating up as former NDP MLA David Eggen is campaigning hard for the job:

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Good video. I’m not sure how you can call it an electoral battle as yet Dave, when the Liberals have no candidate and the sitting PC MLA is busy gutting the province’s IT infrastructure through Service Albera cuts.

Who knows, maybe that was the mandate Heather Klimchuk got from Glenora voters? Somehow I doubt it…

Either way, Eggen is the only one actively campaigning in the riding right now. It may yet be a battle, but for now it’s just one guy out front early and working hard.

The NDP are back to their old tricks again. Eggen wants to give the impression he has 70 people campaigning with him. 70 people (nice round number) went to his home, yes, for whatever reason (hot dogs and beer, perhaps) but that doesn’t mean 70 people are knocking on doors all at once. The libs have an AGM this Tuesday and Swann will be there. I’ll be there too to see what they are planning on doing in/for Glenora.

“The Big Momentum”? Wasn’t that a Gene Krupa album? No, wait, that was “The Big Noise”. Which is likely a much more apt moniker in this case.

Wow. At least we know now what the sound of one hand clapping is.

NDP tricks? Please.
Eggen invited current and former volunteers to come out for a volunteer appreciation BBQ and canvas and filmed a video while there. There was no trickery involved.

I guess Liberals from Glenora just see what they want to see.

For interests sake, here are the 2008 results in the new boundaries:

PC – 5,091 (39.5%)
LIB – 4,671 (36.2%)
ND – 2,403 (18.6%)
Green – 465 (3.6%)
WAP – 267 (2.1%)

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