congratulations, mr. harper. its a cabinet!

Well, that was interesting

– David Emerson crossing the floor this soon after the election has to set some sort of record. He’s like Belinda Stronach, except with integrity and substance. (UPDATE: Sorry to clarify: HAD integrity).

– No Deputy Prime Minister.

– Peter Mackay in Foreign Affairs.

– Other than Stockwell Day in Public Safety and unelected Michel Fortier in Public Works, it seems like afairly moderate and predictable cabinet. Harper had to stick Day somewhere, but we still haven’t figured out the logic in appoint Fortier.

– Alberta’s picks are Rona Ambrose for Environment, Jim Prentice for Indian Affairs, and Monte Solberg for Citizenship and Immigration.

– As far as we can tell, they haven’t announced any of the Parliamentary Secretaries, which we would assume means that they will not be members of the Privy Council (as was the case in the previous Liberal Government).

We’re kind of busy right now, so we’ll comment more soon… but the entire list can be found here.

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