when was the last time denmark got this much attention?

We have to admit we’re amazed at the destruction that has occurred after the widespread publication of the now infamous cartoons Muhammad cartoons – originally posted in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten depicting Muhammad (click here to see the cartoons) and were republished in newspapers across Europe and in New Zealand.

Last week, Syrian protesters set fire to the Danish Embassy in Damascus and then proceeded to march 4 miles to the Norwegian Embassy (what did Norway have to do with it?). As well, the Danish Embassy in Beruit, Lebanon was burnt down by angry protesters (see more pictures here). In Jakarta, Indonesia, the Danish Embassy was stormed by angry protesters. As well, the German cultural centre and the European Union offices in the Gaza Strip were also attacked.

Though we obviously don’t share the anger of the protesters (we’re not finding any Embassies to burn), we agree that the cartoons did lack a certain amount of taste.

We find it very very curious that spontaneous protests of any kind could happen in strong dictatorships such as Syria. Not only does the lack of security provided by the Syrian government around the Embassies suggest silent support for the protesters actions, but it also sends a strong message to the international community about Syria‘s committment to protecting foreign diplomats in their country.

Is this surprising? Not really.

As well, as was mentioned by a guest caller on the CBC Radio program Cross Country Checkup this afternoon, the outrage towards the Danish people signals a huge double standard among leaders in the Muslim world – many whom called upon calm following the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and that the western world should not blame all Arabs for the attack. Why should the Danish Embassies be attacked for the work of an individual cartoon drawer? They shouldn’t.

We’re not sure if any of our ramblings actually makes sense, but we would like prescribe a huge dose of “chill out” to all those angered enough to go and burn down foreign Embassies in their area.

Hopefully things will “chill out” and not let this international controversy effect the beginning of next week’s Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

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