crossing the floor faster than you can say ‘cabinet minister…’

That was fast.

Even faster than crossing the floor two weeks after your constituents re-elected you… silly David Emerson… even sillier Stephen Harper…

Leave it to the blogosphere to give disgruntled people a soapbox…

For interests sake, here are some of the Vancouver Kingsway facts we posted on Mr. Smith‘s blog…

Election results in Vancouver Kingsway on January 23rd:

Liberal – 20,064
NDP – 15,570
CPC – 8,699
Grn – 1,301
LTN – 277
COM – 162
CAP – 143
M-L – 69

History of electoral representation in Vancouver Kingsway:

1953-58 – CCF
1958-62 – PC (Dief sweep)
1962-74 – NDP
1974-79 – Liberal
1979-88 – NDP
(dissolved from 1988-1997)
1997-2006 – Liberal

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