a test of the emergency…

This found its way into our email inbox the other day…

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“Attention Daveberta!

This has been a test of the Jason Kenney early warning system. The system is designed to alert citizens to possibility of a Jason Kenney “supernova.”

World-wide, several detectors currently running are sensitive to a core collapse political supernova neutrino signal in the Galaxy. The neutrino signal emerges promptly from Jason Kenney’s core, whereas it may take hours for the first photons to be visible. Therefore, the detection of the neutrino burst from the next Jason Kenney supernova can provide an early warning for citizens, and, strangely, astronomers.

In the event of a real Jason Kenney “supernova,” please take cover under an umbrella. If a sense of irony overwhelms you, lie on the floor until the feeling passes.


Please contact the Holtopian Ministry of Galactic Phenomena for further information.

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