we love our chauffage oleostatique.

Due to our house being old, ancient, drafty, and cold in the minus 27C winter as of late (the house was built in 1921, and might be haunted), we’ve recently aquired a “Chauffage Oleostatique” (for you anglotypes, that’s a “Radiator Heater”).

Here’s how the warning tag read:

1. Do not place any objects such as furniture, papers, clothes, and curtains closer than 3 feet to the front of the heater and keep them away from the sides and rear when the heater is plugged in.
2. Do not place the heater near a bed beacuase objects such as pillows or blankets can fall off the bed and be ignited by the heater.
3. Always unplug the heater if it is not being used.
4. Avoid the use of an extension cord because the extension cord may overheat and cause a risk of fire. However, if you have to use ann extension cord, the cord shall be NO. 14AWG minimum and rated not less than 1875 Watts.

Now, perhaps it has something with us spending the past two hours reading over critiques of the lamer-than-lame, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, but we found the warnings to be kind of funny.

When we get the energy (most likely tomorrow, or Tuesday, we’ll update you on some exciting information! oohhhh, it’s exicting!)

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