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More updates for our 2006 Edmonton election candidates list…

– The Federal Liberals nominated their final candidate in Edmonton last night. Andy Hladyshevsky won the nomination against fellow Liberal nominee, Ellen Schoeck.

This leaves us with even less of an idea of who we’re going to vote for on January 23. Had Ms. Schoeck been nominated, we most likely would have supported her (her being the former Director of the University of Alberta Secretariat). So… we remain an undecided Edmonton-Strathcona voter… hmmmm….

– The NDP have filled their candidate spot in Edmonton-Sherwood Park by nominating Laurie Lang. Lang ran in Edmonton North against Alliance MP Deb Grey in 2000, and against Edmonton Manning Liberal MLA Dan Backs in the 2004 Provincial election.

– The Greens have nominated Trey Capnerhurst to carry their banner in Edmonton East.

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