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There seems to be a decent amount of talk as of late about who will replace current Governor General Adrienne Clarkson when her term as GG is up later this year. Some of the names being dropped by other bloggers and the MSM include Bob Rae, Ed Broadbent, Joe Clark, Marc Garneau, James Bartleman, etc.

Here are some of my suggestions…

John Ralston Saul: Intellectual, author, and husband of Ms. Clarkson. I saw him speak at the University of Alberta a couple of years ago. This guy is amazing. I think he would be an interesting choice for GG (plus, think of how much taxpayers would save on moving costs!).

Preston Manning: Former Reform Party MP and Leader, bested by Stockwell Day, son of Ernest Manning. Though I think that the GG position shouldn’t be a dumping ground for old politicians, I think Mr. Manning would serve Canadians well in this position. I don’t tend to agree with his politics, but I have a large amount of respect for this man and think he would be a good choice.

Warren Kinsella: Author, Chrétien Advisor, Punk Aficionado etc. Born in Calgary, lives in Toronto (Pan-Canadian). I would love to see Monte Solberg’s reaction to this one. Just think of the cool GG blog!

Gordon Lightfoot: Canadian Music Legend. He scores pretty high on the “old white guy” scale, but I think he would do a decent job.

Knowlton Nash: Former CBC National News Anchor, correspondent, etc. Being an unabashed Knowlton Nash fan, so would love to see him become our Governor General (read his book: History on the Run: The Trenchcoat Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent – It’s awesome!).

Naomi Klein: Author, Anti-Globalization activist, etc. She *might* be a little too controversial for the GG position, but I would LOVE to see the reaction from right-wingers on this one.

And finally…

William Shatner: Actor, Music Artist, Fiber Advocate. Come on, how cool would that be?!?!

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