jason’s throw down the gauntlet

Well, it’s Friday and I’m going out of town until Sunday. So here is some reading…

1. Jason Morris over at Gauntlet has thrown down the gauntlet at Jason Cherniak over the latter Jason’s recent post defending the outdated and unrepresenative First-Past-the-Post electoral system. Check it out, this is fun.

2. My Calgary Stampede Weekend Chapter 2 is near completion. But, since it’s really really sunny outside and I’m leaving for the weekend, you’ll all just have to wait another couple of days for it…

3. If you are in Edmonton this weekend, there is tones of stuff to check out! Klondike Days! World Masters Games!

4. And, another reason why Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel rocks.

5. I am still up to the Fantastic 12 challenge which Grandinite threw down and will show my hand very very soon.

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