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Last week, Aaron over at Grandinite tagged me with some sort of Joint Taskforce Twelve list game (Aaron also challenged Doucheblog, MKBraaten, and Bound By Gravity).

Here are the groundrules:

“If there were twelve blogs, as of right now, I think anyone should be visiting on a daily or hourly basis, it would be the Grandinite Joint Task Force Twelve, which is one more than Kip Esquire’s Elite Eleven. Joint Task Force Twelve requires twelve specialists, none of whom replicate the same area: in short, there must be very little overlap between the subject matter of the blogs in order to give the reader the maximum input potential.

The Joint Task Force Twelve also requires that the blogs in question be updated more than once a day (but if the content is great, this is totally unnecessary). The fact that there are twelve blogs on the list will mean that readers of the Joint Task Force Twelve are already in the elite of blog readers themselves – that select 5% of internet users who read blogs. On average, a blog reader will read 5-7 blogs per day. By reading through the Grandinite Joint Task Force Twelve, blog readers will already be in the elite of the elite.”

Okay, here’s my list…

1. Section 15 – This is at the top of my daily blog read list. Mark is a great blogger who always has fun posts (his comment sections are just as great).

2. Born with a Tail – Always a prolific writer, Mr. Raymaker has recently shifted his blog focus towards entertainment and music posts. Very cool.

3. Child of Regan – Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since anyone over at this site has posted, but it’s an interesting read for those looking for a right-wing American response to world events.

4. Toronto Tory – Fun political posts from a Toronto political minority.

5. Little Man in a Toque – A fun blog, especially for Edmontonians. 🙂

6. Ask the Pope – I’m not going to comment any further than saying that this is one of the funniest blogs I have ever read (POPE MY RIDE!!!). Anyway, check it out and make your own decision…

7. ~we will always be a light~ – A fellow blogger with whom I share many mutual acquaintances, but have never met.

8. Kevin G. Powell – Always an interesting and insightful read.

9. Four Bad Men – One of the funnest and bestest group blogs out there.

10. A Newspaper called Gateway – Another fine group blog written by a bunch of kids who write a “newspaper” called Gateway.

11. Ahab’s Whale – Another group blog, but this time… by Canadians in the UK!

12. Grandinite – Not just because he challenged me, but because I am fascinated daily with the stuff he digs up and posts about.

There we go. Daveberta’s Joint Task Force Twelve (aka The Fantastic 12).

So, at this point, I am supposed to challenge other bloggers to join the elite group and create their own Joint Task Force 12. So, if the’re up to it, I challenge…

Scott Tribe

Section 15

Stephen Taylor

Any of the guys over at

PS. To the guy in the apartment above me: Thanks for BBQing that nice juicy steak at 10:30pm last night. I hoped it was even better after I opened my balcony door and blasted Michael Jackson and MC Hammer on my stereo just for you. Jerk.

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