What’s a Stephen Harper???

Well, tonight I’m going to post some comments about the federal Conservative Convention. I don’t usually blog about federal politics, but for your enjoyment, I will make an exception.

I watched a bit of the CPC Convention this weekend via my laptop on CPAC (I don’t watch TV and hence don’t have cable). I was able to catch Conservative Leader Stephen Harper‘s speech to the Convention on Friday night and some of the policy sessions.

As usual… I have some thoughts about it…

1) Promises made, promises broken – Well, for those of you who don’t get it – during Mr. Harper’s main speech he harped back to the federal Liberal Convention a couple of weeks ago when Prime Minister Martin boasted the slogan “Promises made, promises kept” a ridiculous amount of times. Seeing as how I thought the Liberal version of the slogan was hokey enough, I found the Conservative version equally annoying (but I’ll give them points for semi-cleverness).

2) Jane Taber of the Globe & Mail wrote an interesting article this weekend about the blossoming relationship of young love between Conservative MP’s Peter Mackay and Belinda Stronach. Interesting article. It had me wondering, what is going to happen when Ms. Stronach becomes Prime Minister, will Mr. Mackay be in her cabinet? I think it could make for some interesting cabinet meetings.

3) Youth-Wing – I heard that the delegates at the convention voted down a motion to create a youth-wing within their party. One of the arguments against this motion which I heard were that some youth didn’t want to be relegated to a “sandbox” in the party… I found this interesting. Now the CPC has a group of young MP’s and I think this is great, but I would think that an official institutionalized youth-wing should be fundamental in any political party. As a younger person involved in political organizing (albeit for a different and much better political party), I do find it interesting… I think I may write more about this later…

4) Elsie WayneAs lovable a Grandma figure as she looks, this former St. John MP still has a voice that can send shivers down my spine. As much as I disagree with pretty much everything she says and stands for, I kind miss seeing (no… hearing) her on the news.

That is all for now.


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