16 vacant seats = 9 new Senators?

Is anybody wondering why Prime Minister Martin appointed 9 new Senators when there are 16 vacant Senate seats?

There are still vacant seats in New Brunswick (1), Prince Edward Island (1), Quebec (3), Manitoba (1), and British Columbia (1) = 7 Senate seats which are still vacant…

Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a little weird.

Canada’s 9 new Senators
(Name – Province (Party))

Jim Cowan – Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Romeo Dallaire – Quebec (Liberal)
Lylian Dyck – Saskatchewan (New Democrat)
Art Eggleton – Ontario (Liberal)
Elaine McCoy – Alberta (Progressive Conservative)
Grant Mitchell – Alberta (Liberal)
Robert Peterson – Saskatchewan (Liberal)
Nancy Ruth – Ontario (Progressive Conservative)
Claudette Tardif – Alberta (Liberal)

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