Dear Paul Jackson: Part II

Two days ago, I wrote another letter to Calgary Sun columnist Paul Jackson. This time, my letter was in response to Mr. Jackson’s column Left in the Cold, which anyone with common sense should take issue with.

At first I thought that the ending may have been a little harsh, but I remain firm that I find Paul Jackson to be a very entertaining columnist.

Here it is…

‘March 14, 2005

Dear Mr. Jackson;

I am writing this email in response to your column ‘Left in the Cold,’ published in the Calgary Sun on March 14, 2005.

I would first like to let you know how glad I am that you have decided to take the advice of my previous email and consult some “history books” when writing your most recent column. As you probably discovered, it is not a difficult or strenuous task. I encourage you to continue doing it!

I do have some questions about your most recent publication though. In this column, you state that the Liberals were punished during the 1921 Provincial election for an unspeakable deed which you wrote “was so terrible I can’t even write about it here”. I agree, there is no doubt they were punished by voters (going from 34 seats to 15), but so too were the Conservatives (who lost all 19 of their seats in that election). So, based on your logic, the Conservatives must have also done something very bad. Please enlighten me.

Following your refusal to publish these unspeakable misdeeds of the former Liberal Government, you ask your readers to ask their great-grandparents for the answer. But, for the many Albertans like myself, who never had the privilege of knowing my great-grandparents, I would very much like to know what these horrendous events were (as I am unable to find them in my ‘history books’). I encourage you to write extensively about the evil misdeeds of former Premiers Alexander Rutherford, Arthur Sifton, and Charles Stewart, so that all Albertans (most probably whom have never heard of the three) will have the opportunity to be enlightened by your knowledge of political issues and events in Alberta from 1905 to 1921.

This aside, I find it very encouraging that you, the associate editor of the Calgary Sun, have decided to base your current political observations and opinions on events that occurred over 80 years ago. It is a very reverse avant-guard tactic. How chic of you, Mr. Jackson!

In conclusion, I would like to let you know that I am a weekly reader and find your columns to be quite entertaining, especially as a comic relief to the most serious and credible political columns of the Globe & Mail, La Presse, and the Toronto Star (and of course, Rick Bell).

Keep up the good work!


David ******
Edmonton, Alberta

cc: Mr. Rick Bell
Ms. Licia Corbella
Mr. Guy Huntingford’

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