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My name is Dave Cournoyer and I love Winter in Edmonton

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the Make Something Edmonton community jury that sifted through the many applications for this year’s Winter Project Accelerator Grant. It was a fun experience and I was excited to learn about the ideas and projects that Edmontonians are proposing to make winter in our northern city a more engaging and dynamic season.

Although we have experienced some unseasonably warm temperatures this winter season, which has melted much of the snow in our city, there are still many outdoor activities and events to enjoy.

As part of the jury, I recorded a short interview outside of Cafe Bicyclette, explaining why I love winter in Edmonton (and winter patios). You can watch the video interview below and read the text of the interview on the MSE website.

Thanks to Make Something Edmonton for giving me the opportunity to contribute!

In case you missed it this past weekend, the fourth annual Flying Canoe Volant was held at La Cite Francophone and the Mill Creek Ravine. It was a fantastic event and I encourage all Edmontonians to check it out in 2017.