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yeah. so.

Oh, budget time… this was in my email box tonight…

“The long, tiring, unproductive era of bickering between the provincial and federal governments is over.” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, on the fiscal imbalance provisions of his budget today. [Umm… how about I buy him a beer if that is true in one year, and he can buy me one if some bickering occurs over equalization before then.]

Earlier today: “This is clearly a promise broken,” Calvert said. “It’s clearly a betrayal of a promise that was made not to the government of Saskatchewan but to the people of Saskatchewan.” [Hmm… I already win!]

Also, I had a meeting with Finance Minister Lyle Oberg today. I didn’t ask him what his thoughts on equalization and natural resource revenues were today…

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in the land of.

Things are moving fast in the land of daveberta and I will have more time for some more quality substancial commentary after the end of this week.

A couple of things…

1. Alberta’s Speech from the Throne is on Wednesday. I’ll be there and will be providing my post-game thoughts following the first Speech from the Throne of the first Ed Stelmach PC government.

2. Ken Chapman and Larry Johnsrude have provided some good commentary on the recent semi-release of PC leadership campaign contributor lists from Ed Stelmach and Dave Hancock. I am in the process of writing a more detailed post about this, so look for it in the near future.

3. Just as the Federal Conservatives have finished nominating their Alberta candidates, the Federal Liberals are now beginning. The Edmonton Centre nomination date has been set for March 24. One of the candidates for nomination happens to be Nicole Martel.

4. Art Spiegelman will be speaking at the University of Alberta on Wednesday night as part of the University of Alberta Students’ Union’s Revolutionary Speakers Series.

5. Finally, on two completely non-political related points, I saw finally saw Borat this weekend and I have tickets to see The Police at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton on June 2nd!