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Back down to 86: UCP disqualifies Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo candidate Zulkifl Mujahid

Days after celebrating the nomination of the party’s 87th candidate of the 2023 election, the United Conservative Party is back down to 86 candidates.

The UCP announced today that Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo candidate Zulkifl Mujahid was disqualified after court records revealed he is being sued for defamation by Sultan Zamman, the vice-president of fundraising for the riding’s constituency association. Zamman is seeking $250,000 in damages and a further $50,000 in special damages.

Mujahid defeated two-term MLA Tany Yao and Fort McMurray Construction Association President Keith Plowman in the UCP nomination in December 2022.

The UCP is expected to appoint a candidate to replace Mujahid before the election is officially called on May 1.

Wood Buffalo municipal councillor Funky Banjoko is running as an Independent candidate in the northern Alberta riding. Suncor laboratory technician and Unifor organizer Tanika Chaisson is running for the NDP nomination.

More nomination updates

  • The Green Party has nominated Robin George in Edmonton-Riverview and Cameron Jefferies in St. Albert.
  • Chitra Bakshi has withdrawn as the Green Party candidate in Edmonton-Mill Woods.

Total Nominated candidates

Here is the current list of nominated candidates:

  • United Conservative Party: 86/87
  • New Democratic Party 80/87
  • Green Party: 30/87
  • Alberta Party: 13/87
  • Liberal Party: 8/87
  • Independence Party of Alberta: 5/87
  • Advantage Party of Alberta: 3/87
  • Communist Party: 3/87

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2 replies on “Back down to 86: UCP disqualifies Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo candidate Zulkifl Mujahid”

Is there a prize for being the first party to get 87 candidates? I doubt it, but if so, then what happens when they lose one? Maybe the rush to fill all the spots quickly was not such a good idea after all.

On behalf of UCP Board Fort McMurray Wood buffalo Constituency I am informing you our CA board has passed this motion.

“Zulkifl Mujhid is the UCP Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Constituency preferred candidate. He is democratically elected.

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