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Former City Councillor Jon Dziadyk considering a run for the UCP nomination in Edmonton-Castle Downs

Former Edmonton City Councillor Jon Dziadyk is considering a run for the United Conservative Party nomination in Edmonton-Castle Downs.

Jon Dziadyk Edmonton-Castle Downs United Conservative Party nomination UCP
An observant reader shared a flyer promoting Jon Dziadyk’s nomination candidacy that was circulated at a recent event in Edmonton.

When reached for comment, Dziadyk said he has not yet filled out any nomination papers with the UCP and provided the following statement:

“It is important for the different regions of Alberta to be well represented in government, and that includes Edmonton (woefully under-represented in the current government and, as a former city councillor, I see how that is not in Edmonton’s best interests).

I live in Edmonton-Castle Downs and hope that this riding is competitive to bring the best ideas forward. I do not want Castle Downs to be taken for granted and so I am engaging with folks who are dissatisfied with both the NDP and past actions of the UCP. No party should consider any seat as safe and strong local candidates can have direct influence on government policy/opposition priorities and that conversation has already started.

I hope that all parties put their best foot forward to have a direct and honest debate with the constituents on current matters and aspirations. I am willing to help the UCP in various roles and am currently in conversation with supports about if seeking the nomination is the best way in which I can contribute. No paperwork has been filed.”

A planner and naval reserve officer, Dziadyk was first elected to city council in 2017 in an upset win over incumbent Dave Loken in Ward 3, but four years later was defeated by Karen Principe in the redrawn and renamed Ward tastawiyiniwak. Principe was the UCP candidate in Edmonton-Decore in 2019.

He endorsed Mike Nickel in the 2021 mayoral election.

Dziadyk positioned himself as a champion of the north end during his time on city council, helping found the annual Top of the City soccer tournament and the “North End Hub” Facebook page.

But he attracted controversy early in his term when it became public that he planned to use $44,000 from his ward budget to pay his tuition for an Executive MBA program at the University of Alberta. After initially defending the expense, he apologized and promised to reimburse the city for the $11,000 he had already expensed for his tuition.

The north Edmonton riding has been represented by Alberta NDP MLA Nicole Goehring since 2015. She was re-elected in 2019 with 45 per cent of the vote. 

4 replies on “Former City Councillor Jon Dziadyk considering a run for the UCP nomination in Edmonton-Castle Downs”

Maybe Nickel will run for the UCP too. I suppose it is a long shot, but its not like they have some other political jobs right now they might have to give up. It might also be more lucrative for Dziadyk than say going back to school. If by some chance they and the UCP win, then there is a good chance of a cabinet post.

I mean a guy who tried to use money from his ward budget to pay his tuition ($44,000!) and who endorsed Mike Nickel for something? Come on!

Jon Dziadyk was found with his fingers in the proverbial cookie jar for using community funds to pay for his personal MBA. He has lost the confidence of the electorate and that is why he was not re-elected to Council. He was arrogant & self entitled about the whole scandal. Only because the scandal was brought to the media did he decide to reimburse the city. I know because I was the one who brought this to the media. Now he wants to be the UCP nominee for Edmonton Castle Downs. Outrageous!! We don’t want a candidate who has no problem using the public purse to enhance his personal goals.

Well done Thomas !

I agree, I don’t think many CA knew about this or don’t remember. I am sure it will come
Out again. I heard the Alberta party has a strong candidate with grass roots coming up in there.

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