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Alberta Candidate Nomination Updates

I took a break for a few weeks but I’ve now updated the list of candidates running for nominations ahead of Alberta’s next provincial election.

As of today, the Alberta NDP have nominated 20 candidates in 87 ridings and the United Conservative Party has 17 candidates nominated.

The NDP are nominating candidates and holding a surprising number of contested nominations at a steady pace.

The UCP just opened up six more nominations in ridings held by Jason Kenney loyalists, likely trying to acclaim those MLAs before the leadership review results are revealed on May 18.

I’m planning to have a more thorough update posted in the next day or so. Lots to catch up on!

2 replies on “Alberta Candidate Nomination Updates”

Shouldn’t you clean up all those archival comments on that nominations listing, as they 100% apply to past elections & not the next one?

Hopefully, the UCP will meet its well deserved demise, next year, or even sooner. Albertans simply cannot afford more very pricey shenanigans, dishonesty, unethical behavior, putting Albertan’s lives at risk, through bad Covid-19 management and policies, and letting the needy, medical employees, those in the education system, including those being taught, the teachers themselves, and retired people being used as scapegoats for the UCP’s inability to be fiscally responsible.

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